I went to Cameron Highland with my friends Imran Mohammad,Ammar Ariff,Irfan Rozy and Nasrul Afiq for 3 Days 2 nights.It was a great days with all of them.We shared stories and laughed so much over stupid things.

The first day everyone was really exhausted especially Imran because he was the one who drove the car all the way from Subang to Cameron Highland.Nasrul also was nt feeling well because he was jet lagged as he was coming back from doing his Umrah a day before we went to Cameron Higjlhland.

The 2nd day was fun.We started our journey at noon and went back to hotel in the middle of the night.It was fun really fun.

On the third day,everyone was so upset bcs we are going back home.Sad.

What i miss the most are the moment we sit around and making jokes,sharing stories about life and all.That was the greatest gateaway i shall say.