What is the thing that makes you feel happy ? What is the thing that satisfies yourself ? 

Satisfaction is something that everyone really need no matter how and what ways the satisfaction comes from.It could be satisfaction from winning in an arguement with your friends or it could be a satisfaction because you finished your assignment without copying your friends and also it could be a sex satisfaction.

Today i feel satisfy because i finally know the true colour of my friends.Some are fake and some are true friends.I really am satisfy because i finally know who is the real friends that i have to be friend with and who is the fake ones that that i have to avoid.Yes this is kind of my satisfaction.

In other to get your own satisfaction,you have to go through something and struggle.If you achieve your aim on that thing or you win then you are about to feel the satisfaction doing that thing.What if you lose in your struggle ? Dont worry,give other people their satisfaction first because later in future maybe God has reserve something big satisfaction for you InshaAllah.