This post i dedicate to all my friends who are getting their SPM results tomorrow.

Ive been there.i was in your place a year ago.I felt what all of you feel right now.The stress,the panic shit and all.Bende ni is normal.Ok,I passed my SPM with nt really in flying colours because i didnt get as what ive expected me to get.I was upset,really upset but then i moved on.

After UPU result keluar,once again i upset because i didnt get into ipta and also matriks.I lose hope in everything masa tu.I did get opportunities to go to MARA and also Tunas Potensi punya interview for scholarship.Well unfortunately i didnt get both.FML

Alhamdulillah now currently in 3rd semester dekat universiti.The thing what i want to say is dnt give up.Apa je yang korang dapat theres still hopes for you guys untuk sambung belajar.Pls think of your future,kalau takde pelajaran how to hidup right ? So pls dnt give up and look forward.Dnt stop study apa semua yes its true that some people yang berjaya tak sambung belajar and all but pla dnt think yg korang will be like em jugak.it happens once in a blue moon and itupun if youre lucky la then korang will be like em.Percaya with rezeki yang Tuhan bagi thats it.Maybe this is nt ur time maybe Tuhan nak bagi you more than this in future inshaAllah.