Rindu is a feeling that you cannot resist. It comes naturally when suddenly you feel like dying want to meet the person yg kau rindu.Rindu is something that you dnt ask for it. It comes when youre alone doing nothing or maybe it comes when you bumped into someone in somewhere and that person you dah lama gila tak jumpa. You can rindu anyone your friends,your girl,your family or maybe your cat ? 

Currently missing my girl.SO MUCH ! I hope youre doing all okay i hope you can do your final exams very well. I knw youre nt in a good condition rn im praying the best for you.

I feel like meeting you rn and it kills me and makes me feel like a failure bcs i cannt come to meet you.

Knowing that you cannot doe anything to  lepaskan your rindu kills you even more.

Rindu sucks.