"Wey kalau aku bgthu kau pls jangan bagi tahu orang lain tau.hm sebenarnye..........."

Familiar kan dengan convo di atas ? Everyone has their own secret no matter its big or small its still a secret.Secret is something that you hide it for reasons and you cannot tell people about it.Sometimes you have that urge to tell people the secret bcs you cannot tahan to keep it and you choose someone to cerita.

When you choose someone to tell him/her your secret,it will not gonna be a secret anymore because the definition of secret is something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others.So when you people knw about the thing yang you hide,its nt called a secret anymore.Trust me,once you dah tell people a secret about something,that people yg cmyou cerita tu will have the urge to tell other people too.Its just a nature of people;they cant keep a secret.

So dont simply tell other people about the thing yg you dnt want people to knw about it.just keep it esepcially the big secret maybe about yourself yang memalukan ke mengaibkan ke ? Just keep it.